Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Not dead and some feedback.

After emailing / submitting and generally hassling across the internet for a response, I've received 2 comments at the end of the main blog.

Brian has written:

"Thanks for taking the time to comment on your recommendations the Windows Live ID service. We have discussed pain points around having multiple IDs, and merging, renaming, and transfering them, and are considering them for future releases.

I'll try to make sure we keep the needs of advanced users in mind in our planning.

I also meant to add, that I don't necessarily speak on behalf of the team, which is why my answer was vague. I'm just a passionate developer and user."

It's good to receive some feedback, unfortunately due to work commitments I haven't had time to really hunt around for more people to contact about this.

I have again contacted Microsoft support who after realising my question can't be easily solved (I can't recover my Xbox 1 gamertag, without an Xbox 1) they decided I need to phone support (I've done so already)

I'm hesitant to purchase an Xbox 360, attempt to register my own tag which is unused only to find the system won't allow me to recover it, besides - still can't attach it to the right passport.net id.

This is also being now discussed on the Xbox.com forums here: http://forums.xbox.com/9951890/ShowPost.aspx

I am also in the process of again trying to contact a couple of people I've not received responses from.
I'd really like to think they are in a position to lead me to the right person to ask or they themselves answer.
As soon as I hear anything from anyone - I'll let people know via the blog.

If anyone else has any comments or questions feel free to email me or leave comments, I beleive anonymous posting is enabled - the more people trying to find who can look at this, the better.

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